Power Point as Context Help 

Simple Help class code that can provide easy contextual linking to slides in PowerPoint from your applications

  • Help Class code for Office VBA and .Net C#
  • Access demo form
  • .Net demo form
PowerPoint Context Help

Performance Monitor for VBA/VB6 

A simple COM based tool that you can add to your code to provide:

  • Call Structure
  • Timing
  • Data logging
Performance Monitor

Recordset Helper for Access

A set of tools to help with understanding and building recordset objects in Access

  • Elegant SQL formatting
  • Recordset data viewing
  • Integrated toolbar & Screen capture
Recordset Helper

COM Library for MatLab

A smart easy to use interface to MatLab that can be used from Office

  • Data interface that properly supports a number of common data types
  • Use intellisense to build MatLab Figures instead of command lines
  • Create complex Figures (data plots) with significantly fewer lines of code
COM Library for MatLab
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