Set the display Name and variable Name of the signal

Fig.Plot(1..10).Signal(1..10).Name = "Name"

Name:  (String) Required MatLab variable name

The signal Name refers to a MatLab variable that must exist that was either created internally (Execute) or transferred in via a Data operation.

This required name is used to identify a given Signal in a Plot.  If the Legend is displayed, this is the name that will be displayed.

Because the Signal Name referrers to a internal MatLab variable name it will be internally converted to a valid variable name automatically.

Note: The required Signal Names must be sequential


Fig.Plot(1).Signal(1).Name= "y1"

Fig.Plot(1).Signal(2).Name= "y2"

Fig.Plot(1).Signal(3).Name= "y3"

Fig.Plot(1).Signal(5).Name= "y5"    <<< This signal will not be used.  Last valid signal is #3