The Series function is used to send a list of items (categories).  A typical use would be to create the values for the X-axis when the X-axis is not based on numerical values.

Lib.Data.Series("Name", [Col]) = Data

Name (String) the Name of the series to create

Col     (Optional Boolean) Default=False.  By default the series is created in 1xN format as show below.  To switch it to Nx1 format, set to 'True'

Data:  (various) The values that will form the series

Data can be in a number of different forms

  •  Array of values - for example dates
  • String with either ' ; ' or ' , ' separating the values. Note that  ' ; ' has priority over ' , '


Lib.Data.Series("x") = "s1, s2, s3, s4"


    Lib.Data.Series("x") = "S1, S2, S3, S4"

    Lib.Execute "y = [5 2 7 4]"

    Dim plot As Object

    Set plot = Lib.Figure.plot(1)

    plot.Caption = "Series Demo"

    plot.Signal(1).Form = eForm.Bar

    plot.Signal(1).Name = "y"

    plot.Index.Name = "x"