MatLab is a well respected and widely used mathematical analysis tool.  For knocking out tough math problems quickly and checking results it is hard to beat.  What it is less than ideal for is developing a large integrated systems due to its simple command line like language syntax that is used for much of its functionality.  Fortunately it has a very capable COM interface that provides a very powerful automation client that can be utilized by more general, higher level systems that are better for large integrated system development.

This Library intelligently wrappers a number of low level MatLab functions, primarily data and graphics.  This library will make your office and other COM type applications that use MatLab significantly easier to create and maintain.  

These four examples provided should help you understand how the library is used.

  • You can use MatLab within your development environment as an equal.  For example, directly in Office VBA or MS Visual Studio
  • Configuration settings to support display positioning to multiple displays.
  • Full support for some common Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) providing full IntelliSense  and proper Error Handling
  • This library is based on a carefully defined object model that makes creating sophisticated MatLib figures easy

Note that a valid licensed copy of MatLab is a requirement to use this Library.