The point of the default configuration is so that you can define a number of settings so that you don't have to specify them each time you use various library commands.


This command opens the following dialog


Display:          Which is your default Display

Position:        Which is your default Display position

Classification If you need to have your Figures marked with a classification

Configure        Setup the displays that you have on your system


ShowGrid:        If you want the MatLab Grid to displayed by default

Show Legend If you want the Legend to be display by default

MinorTic:        The configuration item can only be set here


Point:                The default point style

Line Style        The default signal line Style

Line Form:        The default signal line Form

Line Width:        The default signal line Width

Color Order:        The default color order


Format:                Allows the control of the number of digits to the left and right of the decimal point.

Zero Threshold          Controls how the formatting works

                       See: Data.Display for more information

Marker Data

Show Value:        Display the marker Location value in the Marker Text

Rotation:         Set the angle (deg) of the Marker Text

Marker Line

Line Style        The default marker line Style

Line Width:        The default marker line Width

Line Color:        The default marker line Color