The Plot Command allows you to enter various MatLab plot commands.

Lib.Figure.Plot(1..10).Command = Valid_MatLab_commands

Property:  String:   Multiple commands can be separated by the " | " character as only one Command string is allowed per plot.

Default:    ""

These can be use to enter MatLab plotting commands to provide support for features that are not directly supported by this library but can still take advantage of all the other features of the library.

Example:  Preform a waterfall plot of z and then set the color map to "jet".

        Lib.Figure.Plot(1).Command = " waterfall(z) | colormap(jet) "

This features gives you more plotting flexibility along with various library features such as multiple plots, Captions, Titles, Information, Markers etc.

Important Note:

Library plot properties such as Signal, Index and Axis are ignored for that plot if the Command is specified.